Instant Sun Protection

Here at Constant Sol, we make fashionable clothing that protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rated at UPF 50+, our fabrics block the same amount of sun as broad-spectrum SPF 50. Whether you are looking to prevent skin cancer or want the anti-aging benefits that come from sun protection, we've got you covered. Click below to learn about the UPF rating system and the importance of sun-safe clothing.

What is UPF?

A New Take

Made with luxurious fabrics sourced from Italy and Japan, our pieces are designed to elevate your experience with sun protective clothing. To learn more about our fabrics, design, and USA manufacturing, click the link below.

Our Fabrics
Long-sleeve Knee-length Sundress.


Sun protection is an important form of self-care. Whatever your reason for seeking sun protective clothing, we're here for it. Skin cancer prevention is our primary motivator. We also love the anti-aging benefits that are gained from sun protection. To learn about skin cancer and premature aging, click below.

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  • Sienna Duster - Dusty Rose

    Sienna Duster

    Equally effortless to throw on at brunch or on the beach, our Sienna Duster is an easy go-to for chic sun protection on the go.

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  • Arya Knot Skirt

    Arya Knot Skirt

    Sexy meets elegance in this UPF 50+ skirt. Dress it up or dress it down, this skirt is ready to go wherever the sun takes you.

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  • Solana Dress - Dusty Rose

    Solana Dress

    The ultimate cover up. This loose fitting dress helps you flow through your sun-filled day.

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