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  • Profile of woman sitting on a cushioned chaise lounge with a swimming pool, stone wall and tropical trees in the background. The woman is wearing stylish UPF 50+ black cuff pants and a long sleeve dusty rose duster with black slide sandals.
  • Profile of a woman wearing a taupe long sleeve sun protective mid-thigh dress and black slide sandals walking up stone stairs in front of a stone wall and thatched roof.
  • woman wearing a UPF 50+ black V-neck tank and midi knot skirt standing on the landing of a stone L-shaped stairs with metal framed railing with rope strung between the frame and the model is flanked by tropical palms

Sun Protection with Style

Here at Constant Sol, sun protection is our purpose. We make fashionable UPF 50+ clothing that allows you to feel confident in your look while still protecting you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our pieces are made to mix, match, layer, and go where you go. From daily happenings to adventures abroad, and everything in between, Constant Sol is the stylish solution to keep you safe and comfortable in the sun.