Our Sun-Safe Fabrics

Wanting to bring something new to the UPF clothing niche, we searched high and low for fabrics that provide superior sun protection while still being light-weight and luxurious. Standing out from the crowd, our Luxe Essential and Sunsafe Stretch fabrics were the clear winners. Our fabrics are third-party tested in accordance with ASTM and AATCC UPF rating standards and are certified as providing excellent UV protection.

Woman wearing a taupe, knee-length, long-sleeve sundress standing on an outdoor stone staircase with tropical plants in the background

Luxe Essential

Sourced from Japan, this luxurious fabric is soft on the skin and drapes elegantly on the body. Light-weight and naturally wrinkle resistant, our Luxe Essential fabric lends itself equally well to travel and daily wear. Additionally, it dries quickly and is machine washable.

>UPF 50+: Dusty Rose
>UPF 45+: Desert Taupe (Calculated UV Protection Factor of 48. UPF values are rounded down to the nearest multiple of five to determine the reported UPF rating. Still provides excellent UV protection.)
>100% Polyester
>Machine washable
>Quick drying
>Wrinkle resistant

Close up of a black rib-knit skirt showing the detail of the decorative knot on the front. The skit it being worn by a woman. The image is cropped to show the woman's waistband down to mid-thigh.

Sunsafe Stretch

Sourced from Italy, this form-fitting rib knit boasts a soft texture and great breathability. It provides superior sun protection, is wrinkle-resistant and has a two-way stretch that allows your body to move comfortably throughout the day.

>UPF 50+
>96% Polyester, 4% Elastane
>Machine washable
>Built-in stretch
>Moisture wicking
>Wrinkle resistant

Woman wearing a pink shirt is sewing a black tank top with a serger sewing machine.

Made in the USA

Our products are designed and manufactured in Chicago, Illinois.  Being a small business, we take pride in our small-batch, local production.  Our designs were created with the goal of providing elevated UPF 50+ resort wear that can be enjoyed poolside, adventuring through the city, outdoor dining, or traveling to your next destination.  A labor of love, we invite you to slip into our mindfully-crafted, hand-sewed collection and enjoy endless hours of (sun-safe) fun in the sun.

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